Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Rememebered Christmas Gift

Well Z and I were playing with his trucks the other day and I realized how cute his imaginative play is becoming. He makes sounds for the different cars, has words and mumbles for the is really cute. While we were playing I remembered the puppet set I had gotten in the Family Christmas Yankee Swap (we have a $50 limit). I ran upstairs and found the box under our guest room bed, dusted it off and brought it downstairs.

When I had first gotten it (fought tooth and nails for it so Z could have it) Z could care less. He looked at the animals for a minute and then walked away. Discouraged, I put it under the bed and figured I would wait until he was a little older. When I showed him the box this time, he was very intrigued. We opened the lid together and he "oooohhhhhed" when he saw the contents. He started to handle each of the puppets and I showed him how to put them on his hand. We then built the cute little stage and I put on a little show for him.

He was so fascinated by the puppets! I think he thought that they were really talking. He did get a little frustrated when he put the puppet on his hand and it didn't do the same things that it did on my hand :) but overall he loved it. When S came home he asked Z what he did that day and Z mentioned the "show" and the elephant. We then told him all about the different puppets and what they had done in the show. It was so much fun :)


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