Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Okay, so I know that this post is a few weeks late but I am working hard at catching up on my blog and I couldn't let this post go by. So please humor me.

I love New Years resolutions :) I am a planner, a list maker and a goal setter. These traits tend to drive my hubby crazy but I think they help to keep our family organized :) On New Years morning S, Z and I sat down to a special breakfast. I asked S to share what his resolutions were for the year.....he was silent for a long time and so I offered to go first :) Here were mine......

J's List

Work on Z's Scrapbook and organize photos

I started a kid friendly scrapbook last fall and I have not done anything since the beginning of October. It is a fun way for Z to look back at all of the fun things we have done....I need to get caught up :) I also promised to help my mother (and myself) organize our family photos. While cleaning out Noni's apartment, I found many more photos that need my attention. This project may take all year!

Write more letters
I miss snail mail!!! The holidays are so much fun because every day there are cards, notes and letters from friends. I want the mailbox to hold this much excitement all year long!!! I hope to write a letter to someone every week. If they write back, great! I think it is time to bring back the beauty of letter writing.

Keep up with my Exercise Routine
This is the first year that I don't have "Lose 10 pounds" on my resolution list!!! I worked really hard before the wedding to get in shape and I just need to keep it up. We leave for Aruba in 2 months and I need to look my best :) I hope to continue with my Windsor Pilates and Turbo Jam workouts.

Continue along with the 365 Photo Challenge
This was a challenge from OHMOMMY and I love it. It will be great to have a collection of photos from 2009.

Get Organized!!!
Okay....my guestroom and unorganized closets have my name written all over them. It is time to make this space more functional and I can't wait to have some time to do it. Z will someday move into the guestroom and at this point, he can't even walk in it :) Watch out Clutter.....here I come!

Stop buying Stuff
This resolution is for S :) He is tired of our house being filled with so much stuff. He and I have a deal that if I am at a store and want to buy something (other than groceries), I need to call him and run it by him. This may sound like a husband trying to control his wife but it really is in our best interests :) I am a bit of a shopaholic and it is time to take control :)

Eat more whole foods
It is time to stop eating anything processed and get back to basics. For the most part we are good about this but when we get busy....the crap comes back into our lives. S really wants to lose weight and I think that this change (and the reduction of alcohol) will really help him with this goal.

S then said that this exercise was stressing him out :) With a little more prodding and help from me, he did come up with the following list :)

S's List

Get Healthy
He wants to lose 20 pounds, exercise more and drink less booze!

Drink less Coffee
We both agreed to cut back but he had a harder time doing so than I did. I think if he went to bed earlier, he wouldn't need the caffeine :) He is trying to switch to Green Tea.

Finish projects
We have so many projects around the house that need to be finished....most importantly, the BATHROOM :) We hope to tackle these projects and finish them before starting anything new.

Clean Out our Parents Houses
S would like 2009 to be the year where we finally move out of our parents houses :) We still have possessions in both places and he feels it is time to go through them and move them out ;) We will each get one trunk and will only be allowed to bring things back to our house that fit in the trunk, the rest will be thrown out or donated. That will be a huge challenge for me!

Stick to a Household Budget
S is tired of creating budgets and only sticking to them for a few months. It is his goal to create a family budget and stick to it throughout the year. Wish us luck!

Though this resolution setting did stress S out....I think it was good for us :) So look out 2009....here we come!


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Someday we will finish that bathroom. ;)



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