Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Today we were snowbound. I love being snowbound when S is home but when it is just Z and I....I get a little bit crazy :) Z woke up at 7 AM to this snowy day which meant we had 12 hours (well 10 since he napped) to spend together...just he and I ;)

After a pancake breakfast, we started out our day with an indoor snowball fight (the soft balls above were the snowballs). We giggled and laughed as we dove behind couches and hurled "snowballs" at one another ;) I know that someday I will regret introducing this activity to my small, active boy (when he starts throwing things other than soft balls) but today it was FUN!

Next it was on to the Island of Sodor. We built an elaborate track and played trains for over an hour. I know this is going to sound geeky but I love building different tracks, the more complex the better. This particular track was one of my best ever and Z really enjoyed it. We both love to play with trains. It is so fun to watch him role play. I will be so sad when he outgrows Thomas!

Next it was onto creating Valentines Day cards for Neene and Mimi. After our craft was finished it was off to the tub for a long bath. Z enjoyed the extra tub time and I loved the fact that it was almost lunch time when he got out :) I celebrated lunch with a leftover wine cooler (from my sister's bachelorette party) and imagined that I was some place tropical :)

Z has been sleeping for 2 hours and should be up any minute :) I now only have 4 more hours to go :) I am thinking that we will bake some cookies, play some more trains and maybe even break out the bubbles (I know what you are thinking...they are really wild and crazy over there at Raising Z)!

This morning I woke up dreading the long day ahead of me but I have to admit that it has been really nice having this opportunity to snuggle up, play and just enjoy the day :)

Later on....Here are the pictures from cookie making. We made Superbowl footballs, snowflakes and hearts :) It was messy but fun.


Mom said...

See...the day wasn't that bad :)

I talked to your sister, and your niece only slept 50 minutes!

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