Monday, January 26, 2009

Snuggling with Socks

Our naptime ritual is always the same. We march up the stairs to the bathroom where we brush our teeth and wash our hands. It is then off to Mommy and Daddy's bed to read 4 books (2 long, 2 short). We then sing two songs, snuggle for a bit and Z rips off his socks. I then I carry him to his crib where I get him a cup of water, tuck him under his blankets and then hand him his socks to cuddle.

Yes....he needs to have his socks to snuggle with or else he will not go to sleep! It is so strange and a little bit gross. If his socks are dirty (which they usually aren't that bad) I switch them for clean socks from his drawer. My son has 10 stuffed friends in his crib but yet the socks are what he wants to snuggle up with! Does anyone else have children out there who snuggle with their socks? Are we alone in the world? :)

Our bedtime ritual is almost identical to the naptime ritual except that Daddy is usually involved instead of the socks. Z also wears footy pajamas to bed so there are no socks around. However, he does have a few comfy pairs of two piece pajamas and on those nights he must have his socks to snuggle with.....I just don't get it :)


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