Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Father's Day That Was OUT of this World!!

I just realized that I never told you which "Adventure" S chose for Father's Day!!! So sorry for the delay :)

S was very excited by all of the gifts that Z and I gave him and really liked the idea of picking his own adventure (he use to love those books when he was a kid). Due to the dreary (and cold) weather in New England this month, he was limited on his choices but he decided that Z would love the planetarium the best, so that is what he chose.

We started our day at our favorite diner for our usual breakfast (it is S's goal to be known by name when we come in.....we are close). After a delicious breakfast we started the drive to the planetarium. Z knew where we were going this time and could not wait to get there!

The center opened at 10 and we were one of the first families in the door. We explored the exhibits for an hour and then went into our star show. The exhibits were definitely over Z's head but he LOVED them. There were video clips of shuttles taking off, moon landings, a large rotating earth and two flight simulators. S and Z loved taking turns landing (or crashing) both the space shuttle and the lunar module, it was fun to watch.

Our show was 45 minutes long and geared for 4 year olds. Considering all of this, Z did very well. He did get a little bored towards the middle but soon recovered as we went deeper and deeper into space. It was wonderful to see how excited he was by the whole experience and listen to how much he learned! We got him a little space shuttle as a souvenir to remember his day and he has been playing with it ever since. This "Adventure" really made a big impression on him, maybe we have a little Neil Armstrong living with us :)


Connie Weiss said...

That sounds like sooo much fun!

We are obsessed with rockets and space because my husband is working on the replacement for the shuttle.

jen said...

what fun! i wonder if the planetarium is still open around my area??? i'll have to check into that!

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