Thursday, June 18, 2009

Z's First Campfire

We have been waiting for a nice night at home where we could introduce Z to his first campfire. Last night we were blessed with such a night and it was a very memorable experience for all of us. I dressed Z in his jammies while S built the fire. Z was shaking with excitement and anticipation, he couldn't wait to roast marshmallows :)

We sat on the deck steps and talked all about fire safety while S completed the fire building. Z is very clumsy like his momma and so we put rules in place to prevent him from tripping into the fire or fire pit. After the rules were understood, I walked Z down to his chair by the fire. It was so nice to have the pit up and running again, there is something so relaxing about a campfire.

Z really got into the marshmallow roasting but not so much the eating. He would take small nibbles and then let S finish his marshmallow so he could roast a new one :) After roasting five marshmallows, we talked and cuddled by the fire. Z was so excited and he chatted a mile a minute. He ran to the deck to get his bubbles and put on quite a show for us. Once the state bird (the mosquito) started to get to us, we headed inside. When we were all in Z ran over to S and gave him a big hug and thanked him for the campfire. It was a very special memory for all of us and I hope that it is the first of many campfires this summer!


Connie Weiss said...

How fun!! I want a fire pit!

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