Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pick Your Own Father's Day Adventure

This weekend is all about S. Since the majority of the other weekends are all about Z, the house, our families or only seems fair! For Father's Day this year, Z and I have a lot of special gifts and fun things planned. This year S gets to pick his own Father's Day Adventure. He has 6 fun and exciting choices! Here they are (although one, two and four are most likely out of the question due to the horrific weather forecast):

Adventure 1—Beach Fun This adventure involves a special picnic at our favorite beach. We will eat yummy snacks, fly a kite, play in the waves, build sand castles and then go out for ice cream.

Adventure 2—Make Way for Ducklings and Sky Scrapers
This adventure involves a trip to Boston. While in Boston we will visit the home of Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack. We will then go on a swan boat ride, go out for lunch and take a trip to the top of the Prudential to see the beautiful skyline.

Adventure 3—When You Wish Upon a Star This adventure begins with breakfast at our favorite diner. After we are happy and full we will venture up to the Planetarium. There we will check out the night sky and explore the other exhibits.

Adventure 4—Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh MY! This adventure involves a trip to the zoo. Here we will visit all of the wonderful animals, take a train ride around the zoo and then end with a yummy lunch.

Adventure 5—Bollywood and Bowling This adventure starts with lunch at an Indian Restaurant. After your fill of fine Indian cuisine, it is time to rent some cool shoes at the bowling alley and bowl a few strings!

Adventure 6—Fire it Up!
This adventure starts with a pizza lunch. After our bellies are full, it is time to go to the Paint Your Own Pottery place for some creative fun ☺

We can't wait to see what he picks. Z is really hoping for Adventure Number 5 (because of the bowling, not the Indian food) :)

For gifts this year, Z and I got creative. A few weeks ago we went on an "Adventure" to the Paint Your Own Pottery Place where Z painted this bowl for S. He worked so hard on it and loved the whole process. I loved that I didn't have to clean up :) If S does not pick Adventure 6, we will definitely have to go there another time with him.

S's next gift is this piggy bank. S really wants a putt putt boat for the lake so that he and Z can go fishing together. I wanted to help his dream become a reality by helping him start a fund for the motor. Z and I collected all of the change from the house and came up with $120. We put that in the bank and we will continue to save up until we have enough to save for the motor (S has some money he won in Vegas that he could also put in his new bank). I also have a Craigslist ad ready to go if S wants to sell his kayak and contribute that money to the cause. Hopefully by next spring (sooner if we sell the kayak), we will have enough money for the motor!

We are looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend at home this Father's Day. I hope that S gets the downtime that he so needs to re-energize himself for his challenging job and the fun summer ahead :)


Connie Weiss said...

I love this idea of pick an adventure! You are brilliant!!

Happy Father's Day S!!

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