Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got Help???

I am able to type this blog entry right now at 10 AM (with my feet up), not because my son is in front of the TV on this rare sunny day, but because he is playing outside with his new friend K :)
Thanks to my friend M, I decided to hire a Mother's Helper for the summer. Today is her first day and I am already in love with this new found time :) I have put away the groceries, done a load of the new babies laundry, made our bed and started organizing the nursery (and she has only been here for 30 minutes!). Meanwhile I can hear delightful squeals coming from the backyard....Z is so happy that someone is devoting their whole attention to him :)

K is the daughter of a woman in my book club. She is 13, took the babysitting course at the local hospital and put out a cute little flier to help her find babysitting work. She is so sweet, outgoing, great with kids and I am so excited that she is going to be with us one morning a week all summer! If she can fit it into her schedule, I am hoping she can stay with us one afternoon next school year too :) That would be so helpful with the new baby.

I vow to make this time all about the new baby. Whether it is spending time getting things ready in the nursery, quilting, working on the baby book, sewing the baby's Christmas stocking or relaxing with my feet (hey that helps the baby too).....this time is all about baby :) My time is running out so I need to get back to work, for those of you in the Northeast, enjoy the sunshine. It is the last we will see of it for awhile :(


Connie Weiss said...

That is awesome!

I hired a mother's helper last year to help me at the park and library time. It was so helpful. This year, I'm able to handle the kids by myself but I may hire her for a couple mornings a week so I can run some errands or go to coffee with a friend.

Enjoy your time!

Casa Murray said...

That is so awesome Jess! Enjoy every moment with your new helper.

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