Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Improvement Weekend

Well this past weekend was part 4 in a series of Home Improvement Weekends. S asked me to set aside time every few weeks to help get our house in shape :) We are usually booked solid from Memorial Day through Labor Day and so nothing gets done around the house. This year I have scheduled in time for us to be at home (it is so nice) which allows us to focus on the work that needs to be done.

This weekend we focused on finishing the Master Bath. After almost 3 years of being under construction, I am proud to say that it with a few more nails and some scrubbing, it will be finished!!!! S had so many setbacks (and distractions) with this project but he worked so hard this weekend and it looks great :) We also worked on our front landscape with a landscape architect, finished up our deck garden, hung a flag pole and got the fire pit out. Our favorite project of the weekend was building Z's "Curious George Carrot Garden". He LOVES it ;)

My furry little sister, Mika was staying with us this weekend. She is a very large husky-malamute and it was a pleasure to have her here. She is getting old so she doesn't do much but it was nice to have a reason to get up early and enjoy a nice morning walk.

On Saturday night we had a lobster dinner to celebrate our hard work. It was so good and it made me feel like summer was here :)

Last night as S collapsed on the couch, he smiled. He was exhausted but I could tell that he felt a sense of accomplishment. It may not have been the most fun and exciting weekend but we made the most of our time together and got a lot done :)

Our next Home Improvement weekend is in two weeks (we are off to the lake this weekend) and there are so many projects to choose from......I think it will be spent painting the front porch and back deck.....but who knows :)


Connie Weiss said...

I love weekends like that! The garden is looking great and your house is so pretty!

Mika said...

Thanks for letting me stay with you all this past weekend. I may not be the most exciting guest, but you all made me feel right at home.
By the end of my stay, I was getting use to the wood floors and the tile.
I was really excited to see Mom on Monday. Since I have been home, my appetite has returned and I am feeling better.
Thanks again for letting me come and stay.

PS: I like my picture on the blog. As you can tell by my smile, I enjoyed watching all the activities that were going on this weekend. I am so happy that the "Z Man" is growing carrots. That is my favorite veggie. I hope he shares some with me.

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