Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That Damn Trampoline!

Well as it turns out, Z is going to have to lose his front tooth :( (For those of you who don't know what I am talking about...check out this post). Last week he smiled at me and his gum was black! We called the dentist and they saw us first thing on Thursday morning. Thankfully my sister L met us there because they had to do an X-Ray. She held him down as he cried and cried....it was sad :( I am surprised they got a picture.

The X-Ray showed that Z's tooth was heavily infected and on its way to infecting the other tooth. They said we caught it just in time but that the tooth would have to be removed. Z's dentist said that he would have to be put under for the procedure and set us up with a consultation with an oral surgeon. They also put him on antibiotics for 5 days.

We met with the oral surgeon yesterday and he said that he would rather not put him under. Since it is only one tooth and it is right up front, it will only take 30 seconds to remove. He wants to give him nitrous oxide (I can't be in the room for the procedure because of the gas), will have S hold him on his lap, give him two injections of Novocaine and then remove the tooth :( Apparently he will cry but will feel very little and shouldn't remember any of it. I am not so sure I believe that! The oral surgeon feels there are too many risks for putting him under for only the one tooth. I told him that Z squirms and screams every time we are at the dentist and wondered if the nitrous would be enough to calm this. He looked at me skeptically (Z was not at all upset during this visit) and tried the mask on him. Z was calm as a cucumber (so not the child who normally goes to the dentist) and practiced breathing in and out of the mask. Still not convinced, I asked the surgeon what he would do if Z were his son (he has a 3 year old), he said he would start with the nitrous oxide and then if things did not go well, we plan to put him under.

So that is the plan, however we couldn't get an appointment for a month and a half! Z's dentist wanted it out within the next 10 days....I might have to call the dentist on that one. They also didn't renew his prescription and his tooth infection is still not cleared up....ugh!

So now it is time to get Z (and S) ready for this experience. We have started talking about the Tooth Fairy but unfortunately most of the books are geared for children 5 and up. I am sure he will be adorable with a missing tooth but I am sorry that he has to lose it so young. The oral surgeon assures me that his speech will not be affected but that is also a concern for me. We will have to wait and see.


Connie Weiss said...

Oh my gosh! That is terrible. I can't believe they can't get him in sooner.

Hang in there!

A Buns Life said...

That's too bad! I'm sure he will be fine. Olivia did just fine, and it actually made her feel MUCH better about going to the dentist overall....she didn't remember anything scary, but she remembered being there so it was a bonus!

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