Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to School!

This summer my friend M and I are taking a graduate class together. One night a week we grab dinner, enjoy a nice relaxing drive to class and sit down for our 4 hour class. It is so nice to get away for awhile and have adult conversation around a topic I am passionate about (I actually like doing the homework). I have to admit that this class is making me miss my time in the classroom (well just a little bit).

We are taking a Science and Technology class and the credits are being used towards our teacher recertification. I am a big science geek (for those of you who don't know I have a degree in Zoology) and so this class is right up my alley. I sometimes feel like Monica Geller in the Friends episode entitled "The One with the Cooking Class". In this episode, Chef Monica took a beginning cooking class to feel good about herself after she received a bad review in the paper. In my class the majority of the students have never taught before and most hate science, so this is my opportunity to "shine" :)

I love being a SAHM but I feel it is also important to keep current in my field and have some time to enhance the other parts of myself. I would love to find some sort of part time teaching opportunity....I would LOVE to teach a college course. I know, I know.....have the baby and see how long it takes for things to settle down before you go and talk about taking on something new :).

When I got home from class this week, I came home to an empty house. Z was staying at my mom's because S was at a Red Sox game and I debated going up there to stay with him. Exhaustion came over my body and I knew the 35 minute drive would be difficult. I called my mom's house and got the chance to speak to Z, he was so sweet. He told me what he was reading, that he loved me and kissed the phone. I hung up the phone and cried. What am I going to do when I need to be away for him for a few days when I go to have the baby???? Oh I guess that is a post for another day :)


Connie Weiss said...

That is so cool that you have a Zoology degree!

I would have to say that being away from my son to have my daughter was the hardest night of my life. We left him with co-workers of DH's and we barely knew them. I spent my required one night after the birth in the hospital and then I forced them to release me because I wanted to be home with my kids.

You are so lucky that you have family nearby.

Sarah Moore said...

I have to agree. I sobbed when I was in labor with L and when they asked what was wrong, I could hardly get the words out to explain how much I missed O. The nurses said it is almost always the hardest thing. They hear it again and again...At least I knew I wasn't alone.

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