Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I want to thank S and Z for the most wonderful birthday! It was perfect from start to finish :) I woke up to a dozen yellow roses and a very large Thomas the Tank Engine balloon. Once the boys finally woke up, I got to open my cards and present. Z picked out a very nice Tonka Truck card and my gift.....the ipod Nano that I have been wanting. My ipod mini is 6 years old and has seen better days....this gift was AWESOME :)

As if that wasn't enough, S had planned a whole day of fun for us. We packed our cooler and our beach bag and hit the road. We headed to a very crowded New England town where we had a wonderful lunch on the beach and walked the boardwalk. We played ski ball (my favorite game) and the lucky duck game and came away with some really "great" prizes. After we had our fill of fun and games we moved on for a drive along the coast. We explored areas we have never been to and soaked up all that New England has to offer on a beautiful summer day.

We stumbled upon this wonderful beach at around 3pm (our perfect time for the beach) and had no problems finding a parking spot right up front. We set up our beach cabana from LLBean, loaded up on more sunscreen and hit the water. The waves were so much fun!! I am sure my midwife would frown if she knew I was playing in these large waves but there were lifeguards and I was much more cautious than normal :) We would take turns with Z in the shallow waves and the other would go out and splash around in the big waves. The water was 64 degrees and actually felt really good :) We all had the biggest smiles on our was so fun to be a kid again :)

Once we had our fill of the water, we headed back to the tent for a rest and some snacks. Z and S built a large sandcastle community and Z had the best time knocking it all down. It was the most perfect day for the beach and when you arrive at 3pm, you end up with the whole place to is wonderful :)

After a few hours, we loaded up our things and changed our clothes. We were now in search of the perfect lobster shack for dinner. S found the greatest place (although it was much more pricer than a shack) and we both had lobster dinners while Z filled up on dinner rolls and cherry tomatoes :) Dinner was delicious but all good things must come to an end (especially when you have a very tired toddler who has been in the sun all day!). We hopped back in the car, put on a DVD and headed home via the back roads to miss all of the traffic.

Once home we put Z to bed and then S brought out my mini cake. The bakery had goofed and put the wrong label on the was chocolate and I am allergic :( With 15 minutes until they closed, S ran to the grocery store and bought a brand new vanilla cake (my hero!). He lit 3 candles, sang to me and I made my wish. We enjoyed our cake while our neighbor put off the biggest home fireworks we have ever seen! No that part wasn't planned by S but it was the perfect ending to a perfect day :) Thank you S and Z....I love you very much!

I also want to thank my mom, dad and sisters for a wonderful party on Saturday night. It was lots of fun and LB, thanks for making me a cake. It was delicious ;) I also got to see Harry Potter on Saturday :) Thanks again everyone....I hope 32 ends up to be a wonderful year!


Babe in Babeland said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!! That is awesome. It's very cool that you share your birthday with your mom and pops, by the way.

Oh, but you are allergic to CHOCOLATE??? That is one of the most devastating things I have heard in a while. Do you miss it? Or not really?

Anyway, happy birthday a little late--I'm sure 32 will be AWESOME!

A Buns Life said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! It sounded like it was wonderful!

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