Monday, July 27, 2009

Do You Know Super Mom??

I think you know the mom I am talking about. Super Mom (or moms) is the mother who seems to have it so easy. She always looks great and usually makes the rest of us feel sooooo inadequate! For those of you who are still unsure if you know a Super Mom (or are not sure if you might be one) here are some clues that will help you identify such a mom.

Super Mom's baby slept through the night at 6 weeks, not 15 months like my beloved Z ;) Nursing was never an issue, it was so easy and wonderful. They didn't have latching issues, or a baby who couldn't digest the milk or yeast infections that hurt like hell. For this mom their baby never cries (at least in public) and always seems so happy. Super Mom's child is never sick, naps 2 to 3 hours a day, eats whatever is offered to them, transitioned beautifully into a big bed and potty training took only 2 days (maybe a week).

I am always baffled by these moms. Do they work harder than I do? Is it that they are more organized and relaxed? Were they blessed with an easy child? Do they not over think every parenting issue and that is why they are so successful? Do they drug their children (or themselves)? Or do they do a lot of "editing" and maybe even some "story telling"???

If you know one (or two or three) of these moms or you are one of these moms....maybe you can help me out. I am feeling like there has to be a secret out there and I want to be in on it before baby number 2 comes along. Z is a wonderful child and I don't think I have messed him up too badly but I am so tired these days and know it is only going to get worse in the weeks/months to come. So if you do know the secret to the super mom....please share :)


MamaB said...

yeah, I think even super-mom's have their issues! If your kid sleeps through the night at 6 weeks then they probably don't potty-train well. If they potty-train well then they don't sleep or have sharing issues. Plus its all about what the super-mom tells you. I think we all have our issues, some good, some bad. The super-mom's just shares the good!

I'm with you, I'm exhausted, chasing a toddler, ache all over, my house looks like a tornado hit it. But in the long run I know my child is health, happy and loved and that is all that is important!

Anonymous said...

YOU are a supermom in my book!!!

Sarah Moore said...

I am thinking that drugs may be involved and honestly, lots of help, nannies, house keepers regular massage, pedicure appts. Likely therapy and personal training as well. The trade off is time with your child and the chance to witness learn and grow from each "imperfect" moment. I agree with Ivy - in as much as possible YOU are a supermom for your child!

Connie Weiss said...

My kids have done some things easily but other not as much.

I don't think either of them will be potty trained in the near future!

Hang in there!

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