Monday, July 13, 2009

A Recipe for the Perfect Family Vacation


1 happy child
2 loving parents
lot's of enthusiasm
a sprinkle of patience
1 bedroom condo
1 1/2 days at a children's amusement park
1 blue tank engine
3 fun swimming pools
1 bottle of sunscreen
lot's of laughter and sunshine


Place the happy child and parents in a car headed north (make sure the car is filled with gas, luggage, snacks and a portable DVD player). After a few hours in the car, make sure to mix things up by allowing them to spend a few hours at the amusement park. Once they are hot and tired, send them to their condo so that they can cool off in one of the three swimming pools. Once cool, order them a pizza and let them rest over night. Beware that the happy child might be so excited that sleep will be hard to come by. He might toss and turn and then end up in bed with the parents. Make sure to sprinkle lots of that patience to keep things nice and calm.

After letting the family rest for 10 hours or so, they should be ready to go. Make sure to apply sunscreen and send them back to the amusement park for the day. After a day of pirate ships, antique cars, driving crazy tractors, a fun splash park and a crazy ball room the family will be ready to cool off in the pool again. Make sure to feed them an early dinner at a child friendly restaurant and put them down to rest for another 10 hours.

Once the sun has risen, put them (and all of their belongings) back in the car for their final adventure. Introduce one blue tank engine and watch the child smile and squeal with delight!! Allow the child one ride on this train but use caution, he will be bursting at the seams with excitement :) The loving parents at this point will be filled with many happy memories of a wonderful weekend with their precious son.

If you follow all of these instructions very carefully....know that the result will be one perfect family vacation :)

Z driving the antique cars and playing the big piano

shooting the cannons and playing in the ball room

driving the crazy tractors and playing in the splash park

a swing at the park and the run to the train station

A Day out with THOMAS!!!!

A covered bridge :)

scenic vista

Ending the weekend with a picnic on the beach!


Sarah Moore said...

I want to be the child! Sounds perfect - You truly are treasuring these days with just Z, so important.

Babe in Babeland said...

Hi! I'm a first-time commenter. I like your blog!

This was a great post. I can't wait til my baby is old enough for trips!


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