Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Patience With Mother Nature is Wearing Thin....

Dear Mother Nature,

I have been trying so hard to stay positive and not join in on the complaining about The Crappy Weather in the Northeast. I stopped checking the extended forecast (for it depressed me), found fun activities and outings to keep Z and I busy in the rain and kept a positive attitude that the Low Pressure System you had circling around our area had to leave sometime. I do think it was a bit extreme to have it rain on 25 out of 30 days in June and the lower than average temps were also a bit cruel....but I tried to stay up beat. I hoped that once the 4th of July came, summer would come with it.

Last week we said "good-bye" to June and in came a rainy and cool July. The rumors that the weather for the 4th was suppose to be beautiful, kept me going. The 4th was gorgeous!!! Thank you so much Mother Nature, we really needed that. We had three days of no rain!!! It was seasonably warm (80's) and sunny.....the perfect start to summer. Just when I was ready to shave my legs again and cultivate the garden (did I mention you are killing our vegetables and herbs with all this rain?) it started to rain again.....and it hasn't stopped for the last two days! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I am at a breaking point and I can't take it anymore!!!

Please, please, please Mother Nature take some pity on the Northeast. We really need some of your healthy sunshine....our plants are dying, tourist attractions are suffering and people who work outdoors (landscapers, house painters, construction workers etc.) are not able to keep up with their workloads! Please, please send us some of the beautiful weather that the rest of the country has been enjoying. We don't mind a rainy day once or twice a week but 6 or 7 is a bit extreme!

Yours truly,

Raising Z

P.S. The weather canceled our plans for the day and rather than spending another day in a germ infested play place (those places are loving this weather by the way) I bought Z this toy today. It has kept him busy for 2 hours so far and I hope that it continues to keep him busy this afternoon :) It is the perfect toy for Z (and for mommy who hasn't slept in 3 days).


Connie Weiss said...

What a bummer about the weather!

That toy looks cool!

Mom said...

Just the kind of toy my little grandson would love. Too bad he didn't have it here this morning. All he wanted to do was go out on the porch and blow bubbles. It was too raw and cold. Nothing new for this summer.

Oh well...let's hope Mother Nature reads your blog. Mold and mushrooms are growing all over the yard.


Leanne said...

Here's wishing you a sleep filled, and rain unfilled week. Oh, and the toy looks fun too. I'm glad you found SOMETHING that helped, :)

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