Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carving Pumpkins on a Snowy Day!?!?!?

You have got to love New England......snow on October 18th!  What?!?!?  Z kept running around saying, "This is crazy Momma!"  Yes Z it is crazy, leaves on the trees and snow on the ground (yes some of it actually stuck!) 

So what did we do on this snowy day??  We carved our Jack-o-Lantern :)  It looked more like Christmas than Halloween but we wanted to take this opportunity to carve our pumpkin before the craziness of the next few days.  I have been having contractions all weekend (off and on) so we don't know how much longer we have. 

We spent the entire weekend as a family of three, anxious and excited for what is ahead.  It might take 2 more weeks for the baby to come (although I really don't think it will be that long) but it was really important for me to have this weekend be all about us.  We went to our favorite diner for breakfast, S cooked really great food all weekend, we ran errands together, baked cookies, played board games, watched movies and played.  I will always look back on this weekend with such really was a special time!

Here are some photos of our snowy day and our pumpkin :)




Beth P. said...

Your pumpkin came out great! Can you believe this weather?! Collin didn't know what the heck to think of it. My husband was at the Pats game tonight and called to say there were probably 3 inches on the ground there! Crazy!

What great memories you'll be able to share with Z of this (possible) last weekend before he becomes a big brother. Sounds just perfect.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Just think, this time next week there could be four of you! Enjoy the snow, all we are having is real thick frost! Really early for the time of year!
Thoughts are with you, good luck with the baby!

Annie said...

OH Wow, snow? Is just mid October. Oh mother nature.

So glad you had a wonderful weekend as a family.

Have a wonderful week.

PS: Are you having another boy?

CGBG said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend. In a couple of weeks (or sooner!) things are going to be so different so it's nice you got to do that...I know I haven't been following for very long BUT I'm so excited for you and can't wait to know if your welcoming a little girl or little boy! Good luck in the next couple of weeks!

Mommy Lisa said...

Last Monday we hade 2-3 inches of snow - yesterday and today 60+ degree sunshine.

That's Minnesota Weather....

Your pumpkin is very cute.

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