Saturday, October 10, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine Update

I want to thank you all or taking the time to share your opinions with me about the H1N1 vaccine. It meant a lot to me and I have taken each opinion into account as I have tried to make this very difficult decision. Then yesterday, I got a phone call from my OB's office saying that the clinic has been canceled because the vaccine has not come in yet. All that worry and I can't even get the vaccine if I wanted it??? They are rescheduling the clinic for November 3rd. When I asked what I should do because I will have delivered by then, the woman on the line hemmed and hawed for a bit. She then asked me to hold on the line. When she came back she said that they didn't have any answers for me and that I might be able to get it in the hospital (if they have it there when I deliver) or I should contact my PCP in November. So a decision that I thought would be over on Tuesday....will continue to haunt me into November. I guess they do say that everything happens for a reason. We shall see.


I am Lee-Ann... said...

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Beth P. said...

My sister-in-law is in the same situation. She is pregnant and will most likely deliver before the vaccine is due to be in her doc's office so she isn't sure what to do. Best of luck figuring it out. It is just so scary what is out there these days!

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Nicolasa said...

Oh no, sorry to hear you'll have to be haunted by this potential shot until November.

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Frugal Vicki said...

I'm sorry that happened. I would probably just look at it as a blessing in disguise that my decision was basically made for me.

Lisa Anne said...

You should just play it by ear and just decide if you want it or not so when the opportunity comes up to get it, you'll know whether or not you want it.

It's such a difficult decision to make, I'm getting the regular flu shot and depending how I react to that shot will determine if I get the H1N1 SHOT, not the nose spray.

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