Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super Milk!

Well Lil' C went for her first week check up yesterday and I am proud to say she passed with flying colors :)  After her appointment, we had to go back to the hospital to see the lactation specialist.  I really thought nursing the second time would be like riding a is in many ways but I still made some of the same rookie mistakes and now my breasts feel like they are going to fall off.  After lots of tears and an interesting nursing session coached by S, I decided it was time to give lactation a call (I was so embarrassed, I am suppose to be a vet at this).  A prescription for the triple nipple cream (what a funny name) was what they gave me (I had it with Z too) and now life should improve. 

It was a bit of a comedy routine trying to get the two of us out of the house for the first time.  S was at a funeral and Z was at preschool and so it was just C and I going out into the world.  There was a shower to take, a diaper bag to pack, breakfast to eat (for her) and just when I thought I was running on time, I put her in the car seat guessed it......she pooped ALL OVER HER CUTE OUTFIT :)  We only have 5 preemie outfits so I scrambled to find another and luckily there was one more clean. 

We ended up being only 5 minutes late to her pediatrician and I have to say that I was so comforted to see all of these children and their parents in masks!  Why do I have to take my healthy newborn into a place filled with germs???  I wanted to cry (actually may have) and worked so hard to make sure that she and I touched nothing. 

The biggest shocker of the visit was Lil' C's weight.  When they put her on the scale I was floored to see 6 LBs 6 oz....What???  I did a triple take....that was 5 oz over her birth weight and she wasn't even a week old yet....she had gained 9 oz since Saturday???  When the doctor came in, she looked at the chart and did a double take.  "Is this right?" she asked.  "She was 5 LBs 13 oz when she left the hospital and now is 6, 6???  This does not happen often.  Wow, you must be Super Mom with super milk!"  I wanted to kiss this was so nice to hear this after all of my frustration and feelings of failure around our nursing sessions.  I smiled, fought back tears and said, "Well yes I am!"

So my little peanut is on track to keep up with her brother.  He was 7 LBS 6 oz when he was born and ended up being 21 LBS at 6 months!  He then plateaued for the next year but still, it made carrying around his carrier impossible!  Let's hope she isn't quite that large at 6 months, my arms were looking forward to a more petite baby :)  We will just have to wait and see.


Lisa Anne said...

good to hear the check up went well!

MamaB said...

I COMPLETELY understand what you are going through with the nipples!!! You would think the second time around would be easier, heck I had only stopped nursing Amelia a year before Jillian was born. Nope! I had such severe cracks and pain I had the triple nipple cream and had to use a breast sheild for six weeks before they healed! I'm proud that I made it though and I am still nursing Jillian, although my milk supply has dimensioned a bit and we supplement a little during the day. Your doing great! So glad Lil C is gaining weight that is always the best feeling, it makes you feel like you can do this! Okay go take a nap now!

MommyBrain said...

Way to go, super mom! Way to go, super milk! Hope the triple nipple helps ... it doesn't give you a third nipple, right?! :)

Hugs from the NW!

Connie Weiss said...

Way to go super mom!

Nicolasa said...

aaaah super milk! Glad to hear the appointment went well!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Way to go on the feeding Mama! That is awesome!

Beth P. said...

Woohoo! Super milk! Awesome :-)

Sounds like you're doing great! Hooray for a healthy growing baby girl!

I had to get triple nipple cream when I was nursing and it worked great... until my dog ate the whole tube :-( I hope it does the trick for you this time! I understand what you mean when you say it feel like your ta-tas are going to fall off.

Annie said...

Amazing!!! She is growing fast. So glad the appointment went well.

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I enjoyed reading your post and it reminded me of many years ago when my son was a baby. He also was a breast fed baby and gained quite a bit of weight quickly from his low birth weight.
I also totally understand about the germs with this terrible flu bug going around.
Glad you asked for help with the nursing and got the answers you needed.

Michelle said...

You are a super mom!!! She is beautiful! Save one of those preemie outfits. I promise you in 2 months you are going to look at it and wonder how she ever fit in it.

She will gain quickly too. Faith was 5 lbs 3 oz and she was a good sized baby, although petite at 6 months. She's petite now, tall but petite everywhere. She still has no bum at 8.

So save those cute little outfits to look back at. I was super lucky...Eileen made me a quilt using all their come home outfits. I cherish it...but I still have one full preemie outfit saved. It's so stinking small.

You are a wonderful mom and you are a veteran and are going to do just fine the 2nd time around. Look how perfect Z is! He's a testament to what a GREAT mom you are!!! Love you.

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