Thursday, October 1, 2009

God Bless Preschool Teachers!

Yesterday was my day to co-op (volunteer) in Z's preschool classroom. My actual assigned day was the week of my due date but another mom took pity on me and switched days :) At Z's school there is a parent (or grandparent) volunteer in the classroom everyday. As it turns out we have to co-op once every two months (not bad at all). As the co-op parent, your child is the child of the day, you provide snack for the entire class, help out in the classroom and lead a special project.

I was very excited about the chance to see Z's classroom in action but timing was not right. I am still so exhausted from the birthday festivities over the weekend and I didn't think it was in Z's best interest to have me at school with him today. You see he had to miss school all last week because of his runny nose (they can't go to school with a runny nose without a doctor's note, all because of the H1N1 flu). It worried me that having mom with him on his third day of school might make going alone on Friday that much harder, we shall see.

After spending 3 whole hours with 11 three year olds (2 were out), I have a new respect for preschool teachers and daycare providers! They are saints!!!! Yes, I am a teacher but I taught 2nd and 3rd grade. In 2nd and 3rd grade, you tell them to do something and they do it. Three year olds (especially those who are new to the school experience) need to be told again and again and again and then you have to model it again and again and is exhausting (funny but exhausting)! By the time we went out for recess (the last activity of the day), I was covered in paint (my special project), and just wanted to put my feet up (in a normal sized chair) and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Knowing the wine would not be coming my way, I dreamed of a nice cup of hot apple cider and a slice of my homemade apple cake!

I did have a wonderful time in Z's class and really enjoyed seeing him interact in the classroom. The children are lovely and for the most part are very well behaved. Z might have been glued to my side but I have to admit that it felt so nice to be loved. He is not going to want me around forever so I will take it as much as I can now :) S is volunteering for us in December and I can't wait to hear about his experiences!


Mom said...

Sounds like you and Z had a good time. He will be fine without you there, but it is nice to know you are so loved. I enjoy it even now from you and your sisters. Never grow to old to know that Mom is loved.

Now you have experienced what so many parents experience when they go into their child's class to volunteer. Teachers are saints! However, I wouldn't want to go into a middle school class. We all feel comfortable at our own level. You are an incredible teacher, and I am sure you did fine.

BUT, I told you to start resting and taking it easy...once again, they never listen to Mom.

Love ya!

Connie Weiss said...

That is such a fun arrangement!

Now go rest....

Beth P. said...

What a great set-up your son's school has. It must be really fun to be able to interact and experience what he does! I completely understand what you mean about just knowing you're loved. I feel that way now when I go pick C up from daycare and he runs over to me :-) Truly the best.

Anonymous said...

Yup, preschool is a whole different can of worms. Literally in some cases. ;) (and I HATED the little chairs while I was pregnant) With Ethan, I rolled around in an office chair. :0


Lisa Anne said...

Bless you!! I totally would have gone insane. I don't think I could ever entertain so many young kids without wanting to pull my hair out.

I've always had respect for all teachers, especially those who have had to deal with my crazy son. lol

Babe in Babeland said...

You are so right...They ARE saints. I don't know how they do it!

Also, thank you SO MUCH for the blog award!! I am totally flattered. :-) I will post about it soon.

I love reading your blog and I'm so excited for your new arrival!

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