Thursday, October 15, 2009

Z's Sibling Class

Last weekend we went to the hospital for Z's sibling class.  I was looking forward to it the most because it included a tour of the new Birth Center.  Z was not so excited and thought that we were going to get the new baby.  When I assured him that that was not the case and told him that we could stop for donuts after.....he warmed up a little (boy am I in trouble).

I signed him up for the two year old class, thinking that he was a young three and he would not be able to handle a class designed for children ages 3-6....this was a good decision :)  There was only one other family in the class and their little girl was 2 1/2, this was nice because the instructor gave us a lot of individual attention and was able to gear the class toward the two children. 

The class started with a brief introduction in which Z tried to escape the conference room twice!  We then went on the tour....Z hung back and look terrified as the little girl walked the halls like she owned the place.  Unfortunately there was no room in the INN so we were not able to see an actual room, but the rest of the tour was nice.  I think it was good for Z to see where mommy and daddy would be going to have the baby.

The class was filled with great advice and S and I learned a lot.  For instance, the big brother gift should be from us (mom and dad) and not the baby.  It should be a token to show him how proud we are of him in and his new role in the family.   Our plan was to give it to him from the baby but this makes more sense.  She also suggested that we buy Z a doll, preferably one that can get wet (so he can bathe it).  When I brought this up after class, S did not think it was necessary.  "He has stuffed animals, why does he need a doll?" was his response.  I insisted and off we went to TRU for diapers and a doll.

I have to admit, there are a lot of scary dolls out there!  Dolls that poop, pee, speak, crawl and others that look just plain creepy!!!  S's criteria for Z's new doll was that it could not be scary looking or too expensive.  It is hard to find a boy doll and so I settled on a newborn Water Baby dressed in green.  This doll could be given a bath, was not too scary looking and was cheap :)  When I showed Z his new doll, he could care less....he wanted nothing to do with it and ran off to check out the trucks.  S gave me a look like, "I told you so!".  I pressed on and bought the doll anyway.

In the car, I opened the doll and handed it to Z.  His immediate reaction was, "He's so cute!".  He named him "Goofy Baby" and is in love with this doll.  He cuddles him, carries him around, takes him for rides on his trike, changes his diaper, feeds him and is constantly telling me how cute he is.  S could not believe the love that has formed between Z and this doll :)  I am so has been a great way for me to talk with him about how to handle babies.  I know that the real baby will be a whole different story but at least Z is starting to get use to the idea.


Lisa Anne said...

Oh wow I didn't even know classes like that existed. So cute, I'm sure once the baby comes Z will in baby heaven.

Poolside with the Girls said...

That's awesome. My oldest was 18 months when my little one was born so she didn't "get it" and really had no clue what was going on. She actually tried to poke her sister's eye out.

Sounds like a really good plan.

Sharon said...

these are great tips! I hope to need them one day (fingers crossed!)

leigh said...

We took our 4 year old to one of those classes and it really helped us after his baby brother moved in.

BTW...I am totally biting Kelly's style from Speaking from the Crib and having a little caption contest over at my Blog. It's gonna be fun!

Please stop by and make me laugh!


I am Lee-Ann... said...

lol at the name Goofy Baby. That is great that he is taking to the doll though. I tried that with Kaiden and he would have now of it, lol.

Joy said...

That sounds like a great class. L is not quite 2 yet so she didn't really understand about the new baby til he was here. She now takes care of her babies (dolls & stuffed animals) just like we take care of S. She mimics us rocking him or feeding him. She's very loving. We gave L a gift from us (a book) and a gift from S (a toy). I don't think she was old enough to understand the point anyway, but your Z is older. I like the idea of the gift from mom and dad.

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