Monday, February 21, 2011

"We Must Save the CHICKEN!!!!"

This was what S woke up to at 6:15 am on Saturday morning.  The power had gone out at 1AM and after throwing all of our food out in the last three major power outages, I was hell bent to save our chicken (especially the one I drove 45 minutes to the crazy farm to buy from a lady covered in blood and feathers).  Poor S dragged himself away from the "warm" blankets and joined Lil' C and I downstairs in the 61 degree family room.  After both of us being up all night (well S would like me to point out that I had gotten about 3 hours of sleep before the power went out, he was up late working until the power outage) and no way to make coffee....we were pretty cranky. 

Our family lives for our white noise, we can't sleep without it.  When the power went out, so did Lil' C's noise machine and the giant fan in the hallway....leaving the house very quiet.   Every cry, whine, snore and stir could be heard and on top of all this, my poor sister in-law was visiting so I was paranoid that the children would disturb and wake her.  Lil' C woke up at least 5 times, Z came running down the hall screaming (we quickly snatched him up and threw him in our bed before he woke the baby) and Lil' C was up for good at 5 AM.  While reading books to Lil' C, I remembered the 2 months worth of chicken in our downstairs freezer and panic set in.  "We Must Save the CHICKEN!!!!"

S went down to the basement, filled a cooler with snow and put all of our chicken into it.  He then buried the cooler in snow on our back deck :)  I then filled a trash bag with frozen food and he buried that as well.  The cold stuff went into coolers with snow and I was determined to take it wherever we went (I am on a tight budget people!).  S was exhausted and could see his carefully planned work weekend slipping away from him.  He and his team are very close to launching their iphone app and this weekend was crucial.  Between getting no sleep, dealing with the power outage and having no internet access....things were not looking good.

After breakfast at the diner (where the waitress could identify us as one of the families who had lost power, maybe we smelled???) we decided to pack up and head to my moms.  Our cold food and family spent the day with mom while S tried desperately to stay awake to work.  Luckily the power was restored in the early afternoon and we did not lose one morsel of food!  It was not the weekend we had planned out but it was an adventure and I feel it is crazy times like these that bring families closer together.  Thanks Auntie A for all of your help and for going along for the crazy ride!  And thanks mom (and dad) for taking us in :)  Now everyone go and kiss your electric meter and be grateful for all that it does for you :)  


Connie said...

Every time the lights flicker....I freak out!!

So glad you saved the chicken!

Hope the app when off without a hitch...I know how that is!

Annie said...

Have a great week.

Shane D. said...

Smart move burying the food. And I totally laughed at the thought of S waking up to, "We MUST save the chicken!"

Power went out on me while I was in the shower this weekend. That was a weird moment.

Mommy Lisa said...

Oh - our power went out one summer and I totally WIGGED about my freezer stuff. I had my poor hubby pack it all in coolers and bring it to my work. We had GINORMOUS freezers there and they had told me the power would be out for DAYS. And I had BREASTMILK IN THERE!!!


feel your pain.

I hope everything is back on track for all of you. ;)

Mom said...

You are welcome and welcome anytime! Even if we lose power at least we get heat from the gas fireplace.

Love ya' all!

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