Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who Turns Down a Free Trip to Mexico???

Play del Carmen
Me, that is who.  This was not always the case mind you.  When they bumped us from our honeymoon resort 2 days before the wedding (can we say BRIDEZILLA??!??!?!) I begrudgingly graciously took the free trip to Mexico the following year to compensate.  Both trips were wonderful.  We stayed at all inclusive resorts where we spent most of our time lounging by the pool with a margarita in hand and would carefully plan out where we were going to eat that night :)  We also did some fun excursions and it was 12 wonderful days (and then 10 days the next year) with the man I love, pure heaven!

A few weeks ago, my dad called and told me that his company trip was to Mexico this year and that he would pay for his daughters and grandkids to go.  Son in-laws if available would have to pay their own way.  I went back and forth with this decision and finally decided that the best move for our family right now would be to stay home.  We did go cruising with Z when he was C's age but he was a pretty easy going kid, S came with me and only having one child while traveling (especially with 3 adults) was not bad at all.  This is not to say that we didn't have our challenges, but we were able to adapt to life on a ship with a toddler.   We also took him to Aruba when he was 2, again we had the two of us, only him and he was at a great age to enjoy the pool, sand and playground and did pretty well on the long flight down there. 

Having two children does complicate things a bit and Lil' C is a mover and a shaker.  She is not going to sit tight in the security line let alone be entertained for four and a half hours on a plane.  And lets just say that by some miracle we make it to Mexico without the other passengers attacking us, then we have to deal with the three of us sharing a room, nap schedules and a baby who does not sit still and will only last 20 minutes in a restaurant setting.  In the end I decided that I would be more relaxed spending the week in my babyproofed house than I would in beautiful, sunny Mexico.  I know that some of you must think I am crazy but at this point in our lives, we are just not up for this adventure.  I LOVE Mexico and I am so blessed that I have been able to go there 3 times, I want my next trip to be just as special as the first three.  So when the kids are older or when S and I save up some money and are ready to leave them for a few days, we will go back again.

Look at how Happy I am :)

Look at how relaxed my husband is, if you could only see him now :(  He is so sleep deprived and stressed!


Mom said...

Let's see...on the Aruba trip you only had one, and Z was pretty happy to be in the sand and water. Your sister only had one there, too. G was 18 months but didn't go for the sand at all. Much like her mom at that age. Two toddlers and 7 adults. Great odds! Now the little ones are close to out-numbering us. Not as easy to travel to far off exotic places. Oh well, maybe the tide will turn one day and we will be able to go off again with everyone. Hope your dad and I aren't too old by then :)

Connie said...

I feel your pain!

I just turned down a free trip to Hawaii. I don't have a baby sitter. :(

Little BGCG's Mommy said...

hmmm I *think* I would have gone crazy or not ;) but then again I only have one right now!

Annie said...

Don't worry, maybe next time. You did what you feel is the best.

BJ_Mama said...

Sometimes we gotta pass up things like this. When the kiddos are older, you guys can TRAVEL THE WORLD! :) But, I know it would be nice wouldn't it?
When we went to Disney in January, the flight there was PERFECT! The flight back: everything horrible thing you can imagine when traveling with a 3yo happened. :O

MamaB said...

It is always a tough decision whether to travel with the kiddos...we started traveling with Amelia at 6 weeks and Jillian was 4 months for her first trip. But we had to fly because I wasn't driving cress country with two under three...Mexico will be there, you made the right decision.

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