Monday, February 7, 2011

Winterfest and Valentines Day Prep

This past weekend, the town that I grew up in had their annual Winterfest.  This was the first time I had attended since High School and it was so much fun to experience it through Z's eyes.  My dad, Z and I had a ball sledding!!  Z was all giggles as we flew down the hill and he laughed so hard when we hit a bump and flew out of the sled.  He did great in the "Huck A Puck" charity event and almost won some money for Chi Chi.  However, the highlight of the day was Z receiving his second place ribbon (his first award ever) for the hockey shootout.  He got 5 out of 10 pucks in the goal and he was super excited to show off his red ribbon!

It was a wonderful day.

Over the last week, our house has been buzzing with preparation for Valentines Day :)

1.  Our Valentines Day Countdown has been going really well.  Z loves running to the window for the days envelope :) 

2. Stories of Love and Friendship--I took the Christmas Book Advent idea and changed it up for Valentines Day.  Each day at "Storytime" they unwrap the book of the day.  I tried to find books that we don't read very often to make them that much more special :)

3.  Window Hearts--I love them :)  They look awesome when the sun is shining.

4.  Candy Heart Games--First we sorted them by color and then made a graph to see which color we had the most/least of.  We then sorted them by first letter/number of the phrase on the heart.  It was sooo much fun and we saved our data sheets and plan to do it with another box to compare our results.

5.  Family Love Notes--Since Z is not going to school anymore, I decided that we would take the school valentine mailbox idea and create one here.  This whole week we plan to draw pictures, make cards and write love notes to each other.  On Valentines Day we will sit down as a family and check our mail :)  Z LOVES this and has already put lots of notes in the mailboxes and can't wait to do more.


Christa said...

Such cute crafts! I can't wait until Mason is old enough to do crafts!

Mom said...

Love the whole idea. Wish I had done this stuff with you guys. Especially when your sister, L, quit preschool at 3 1/2. Guess it runs in the family. Great ideas!
I was so happy Z got to experience Winterfest. I think both Z and G should go next year, as Z said on Saturday.

Connie said...

I love it! Great ideas Momma!

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