Friday, September 23, 2011

Today I'm Happier Than A Tornado in a Trailer Park!

Da Gum!  Today is Z's big birthday party!  He and 10 friends (and 6 babies) will gather together for a Rootin' Tootin' Good Time...Tall Tale Mater Style.  We have organized a party that centers around that lovable Tow Truck and the DVD of Short Tall Tale Stories, Cars Toon, Mater's Tall Tales.
We had a whole outdoor obstacle course planned where the children would have had to jump over cars, spray fire out with hoses, fight a bulldozer, race Tokyo Mater style and fly to the moon......but rain is predicted :(  So we had to move the party indoors and set up a whole bunch of new activies.

There is a scavenger hunt to look for the 9 different maters from the movie, a table where they can make their own UFO ("Mator") and Mater, a Monster Truck Wrassling ring, Luigi and Guido's Tire Toss, our Radiator Springs Village with all of the Cars Characters, a Cars Reading Nook, Ramone's Tattoo parlor and the Cozy Cone Play area for all the little ones.  When the kids are all tuckered out they can come to Flo's V8 cafe for some pizza, juice and a mater cupcake.

Below are some pictures of the set up.  My friend Claire is the Artist who made all the big (bed) sheets we have hung all around the house :)  She made them for her son's birthday a few years back.  I was thrilled when she offered them to us, they are so great!

It should be an AWESOME day and if "I'm Lyin, I'm Cryin!"

Hanging in our Cathedral Family room :)
The Kitchen :)
Arts and Crafts and Tattoos :)
Design a Mator (UFO) and Mater

The Cozy Cone Play Area
more cozy cone stuff
bathroom :)
Tire Toss
Monster Truck Wrassling Ring
Prehistoric Radiator Springs
Cars Play Village


Annie said...

Hope he had a great time with his friends.

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