Thursday, September 1, 2011

Focus on the Family--September Edition

I cannot believe it is already September!!!  School will be starting soon and before we know it the leaves will be changing, apples picked and kids calling out "Trick or Treat".  We are in our last few days of summer before the formal routine begins.  With Z starting formal school this fall, I want to make sure that our goals help him to be successful.  He is very nervous about this transition and has so enjoyed being home.  So here are the goals!

Family Time
*Go on a family adventure
*Spend a weekend at the lake
*Spend some time with S's parents
*Have one family moment mid week, each week
Z and C Time
* Help Z transition into school
*Ease back into a formal routine
*Enjoy our mornings together
*Limit screen time
*Plan Z's Birthday

Momma Time
*Start Formal Exercise Program again (Turbo Fire??)
*Girls Night Out
*find some ME time each week
*Month 2 of my Happiness Project--Order

Momma and Papa Time
*Date Night
*Start 5 Hours a Week (more on that later)
*Home Date Night

Home Time
*Continue to fight clutter
*Start up Once a Month Cleaning Again
*Get back to healthy eating
*start using my soap nuts :)

Counting My Blessings
Summer was filled with many happy and lazy days.  As the craziness of the fall starts up, I hope to remember to keep our schedules simple with lots of free time.  I hope to continue to say "NO" to things in order for my children to have time to be children.  Childhood goes by too quickly and I want to make sure that they have plenty of time for play.


Annie said...

I like to read about the things you are going to do during the month.

Connie Weiss said...

Great plan for the month.

Did the hurricane reach you?

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