Friday, September 30, 2011

Focus on the Family--October Edition

I am shocked that it is already time to turn over the calendar.  This month was tough but it FLEW by.  It seems like just yesterday we were unpacking the car from our time at the lake....I can't believe it is already FALL and now October!  This month is another busy one for us.  We will be spending some time at the lake, my baby girl turns 2, a bunch of parties and then of course Halloween!  This is my favorite time of the year and I am not trying to let the crazy get to me :)  Here are our family goals.

Family Time
*Go on a family adventure
*Spend a weekend (or 2) at the lake
*Host a big Family Party for C's birthday
*iChat with Daddy more often
Z and C Time
* Help Z night potty train (it's me)
*Get Outside every day we can
*Keep one morning a week a Lazy Morning
*Limit screen time
*Plan C's Birthday

Momma Time
*Join the Pilates Studio (and go at least once a week)
*Girls Night Out
*find some ME time each week
*Month 3 of my Happiness Project

Momma and Papa Time
*Date Night
*Really Start 5 Hours a Week (more on that later)
*Try to see each other at least once during the week (M-F)

Home Time
*Finish the Garage Make Over
*Start up Once a Month Cleaning Again
*Get back to healthy eating
*start the basement Make Over

Counting My Blessings
Today I am thankful for my beautiful Tante.  My great aunt, "Tante" passed away almost a year ago but we will finally celebrate her life at the beginning of this month (long story as to why it has taken so long).  There will be an entire weekend dedicated to the beautiful person that she was and people will travel from all over the country.  It will be a time filled with laughter, tears and great memories.  I was so blessed to have my Tante in my life.  She was always more like a 3rd grandmother to me and I miss her each and every day.  I love you Tante, thanks for bringing so many blessings into my life!


Mom said...

Love you too, Tante. You were and will always be one special LADY!

Sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you. Remember the ME time for all of you. I am sitting at the lake and it is too quiet - you all are 't here.

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