Thursday, September 22, 2011

Z's Birthday Trip to Goodwill

Each year on their birthday and Christmas, I have each child pick one toy for each year they have been on this planet to donate to Goodwill.  This year Z had to donate 5 toys and Lil' C 2 (S and I are working on 34 items a piece....I am finished, he not so much ;)).  For Lil' C this year I picked out her 2 toys but Z picked out 9 toys!  This was the first year that he really understood the importance of this task and took it very seriously.  I was so proud of the thought and heart that went into his decisions.  I did help him with a few suggestions but for the most part he picked the toys himself.

My proudest moment was when I went to put his space station into the car and he cried out, "Wait mommy, let me go and find all the pieces that go with that!"  I asked if he was sure that he wanted to donate the men and space ship that went along with the toy and he said, "Yes so that way the next kid who gets it will know what to do and have fun." 

He was so excited to go with me to drop off the toys and my heart swelled with pride as we pulled up to the store.  My little man is growing up!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Creates good feelings all around. That means dad & I have to collect 125 items to donate! I should have counted the shoes & clothes I took there last week.:)But since we have so much to de-clutter I think we can start the count over.
Love you!

Annie said...

Awww, he is so cute!!!!

Mommy Lisa said...

So wonderful. We just donated a box of "food" that Boo Boo got for her birthday a couple of years ago to her kindergarten class. The teacher was thrilled! And she was so proud to carry it into the room. It was unopened because she got TWO of the exact same box for her birthday and I just forgot about the second one until I was in her classroom. They have a nice kitchen, but no food. ;)

Mom said...

Great idea! We should have done this with you and your sisters.
You dad and I will need to find 118 items. I better get started.

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