Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New View on Birthday Gifts

I have two birthdays coming up for two very special little girls.  They are the daughters of my two best friends and one is turning 7 and the other 4.  These two little girls are so very bright, curious and beautiful.  I am looking forward to celebrating their very special days.

The Beautiful Soon to be 7 Year Old on her 2nd Birthday
Their parties are still over a month away but our new budget has already started me thinking about their gifts.  For the 7 year old there will be no gift.  Her mama and I decided last year to forgo birthday gifts.  It is not the most ideal plan (Z might feel weird showing up empty handed) but we have struggled to find a more unique solution and in the end decided to do nothing (Lauren, we might have to revisit this ;)).
The Sweet Soon to be Four Year Old When she was Brand New
As for the 4 year old, I am going to have to have a chat with her mama.  I am determined to give the children in my life gifts of experience for ever more.  I no longer want to waist money on toys they will play with for a few moments and then move onto something else.  Yes my gifts might not have the initial "WOW" factor but in the end they are the gifts that bring a lot of enjoyment.  My favorite gifts to give are magazine subscriptions, passes for an adventure (museum, movies, even did a Chuck E Cheese gift card once), a book I know they will love, I gave my God Son a box filled with Science Experiments or my new favorite find....a gift certificate to Sparkle Stories (We LOVE These!!!).
So Mama Sarah, call me so we can discuss the appropriate gift.  I am right now watching Z enjoy his Click subscription that he got for Christmas from his Auntie.  When he opened it, there was no immediate joy but he has spent many more hours with these magazines and has learned so much.  More time has been spent with this Christmas gift than any other (Lego's Excluded).  Not to mention the excitement every time a new magazine arrives!!  Thanks so much Auntie :)


Connie said...

That CLICK magazine sounds really cool and perfect for E.

My kids birthdays are 5 weeks kills my budget!

Sarah said...

I was able to look at the Sparkle site for just a few moments the other day - looks wonderful! She would love any experience - time at SMUDGE an art play space in Freeport, is on my list of gifts for her. Her brother and I just went to the craft store where he chose a box to paint for her - can't wait!! Her party itself is a celebration of "super-her" and her "super-friends". We are so onboard with this plan. But honestly, I know that just your coming to celebrate with her is present enough, truly! XOXO

Lauren said...

Jessica, I am giving Natalie tickets to see Peter and the Star Catchers in NYC for her birthday...I am sure you could get her book 3 (I am getting her book 2) and maybe something little for the NY part of the trip...doesn't have to be much :)

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