Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Start of Lent

Yesterday we had a great PANCAKE day :)  We had pancakes for breakfast and dinner, read pancake books, dressed up in Marti Gras costumes (Z even had a celebration at school) and listened to our Sparkle Story about Mardi Gras.  Z loved the idea of "Fat Tuesday".

Today we begin the season of Lent.  I am working on some activities for this month (I will share later on) but today I wanted to share what we as a family will be doing for Lent.  Lent is a complicated concept for children but the Martin and Sylvia Sparkle Story summed it up nicely.  They explained it is a time of quiet and reflection where families take care of themselves and each other and watch what they eat and or watch what they do. 

So with this explanation, here is what our family is doing:

Scott--daily exercise of some form
Jess--trying to eliminate white sugar, giving up Facebook (less time on the computer) ;)
Z--giving up Candy (not that he eats much)
Lil'C--will wait until she is 5 to participate (she doesn't eat Candy anyway)

Family--trying to live without our microwave

What are your plans for Lent??


Annie said...

What is Lent? don't understand the concept.

Sounds likes your family is going to have a great time.

Mom said...

Lent is a difficult concept to understand, unless it was part of your religious upbringing. Then, unless your are Catholic or Episcopal, you might have no clue. So thinking about it as a time to step back, reflect on what has been going on and what you might like to see a little different, is a good way of thinking about it. I personally use to not like having to "give up" something just because it was lent. But I do like the idea of maybe making a little change. So, I am going to try and do my PT exercises daily. That will be something that will help.
So, enjoy your time away from FB and all the other interesting plans you have. Let me know about the white sugar. I wouldn't mind limiting that.

GpJ & Mimi said...

White sugar is always on the give up list but extremely hard to do. More fruits and veggies everyone.
Exorcise the sugar and exercise the body.
good idea,
More walking this year, park farther way from the front entrance in shopping center parking lots.
climb a tree...
ride a bike...
Love you guys,

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