Thursday, February 9, 2012

Z's Lesson in Giving

Taking Dave Ramsey's Advice, we decided to teach our children the importance of money and saving.  We made 3 jars with Z for his money.

He now has a Spend jar, a Give jar and a Save jar.  All money that he earns/receives is to be split among these three jars (70% goes into spend, 20% into save and 10% goes into give). 

A while back I posted about Z doing chores to earn money to donate to Heifer International.  He did earn some money doing this and also took some of his Christmas money and put it in his Give Jar.  After hearing my dad on the radio talking about the work he will be doing in Hondurus later this month with his Rotary Club, Z decided to donate his Give Money to this effort.  We surprised my dad and sent a check for the organization.  He then surprised us by having Z's name added to the list of donors on the plaque that will hang in the new school they are building. 
My dad's Rotary District has been involved in Missions to Hondurus for many years.  They always take a medical team (nurses, doctors, dentists) to work in the hospitals and out in the villages and a civilian group to do a project.  The have built schools, worked on installing clean water filters and so much more.  My dad has been quite a few times and my sister and aunt (both nurses) joined him on his first trip.  This year my dad's best friend is going along and it is my hope that in a few years Z and I will be able to go too.


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