Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Rocky Weekend

Well this past weekend marked the start of our 10 Day Family Recharge and the best way to describe it was ROCKY.  The recharge has been great and Erin and all of her guest contributors are doing a wonderful job of inspiring us daily to be the best family unit that we can be.  I am hoping that the lessons I learned this weekend will help to make the rest of the recharge for positive.

 When I signed up for the 10 Day Family Recharge, I had a vision of our family slowing down, connecting and having BIG family fun for 10 glorious days.  I should have known that whenever my expectations are higher than normal, I usually fall hard from the disappointment.  Between Scott working at the office on Saturday (he will be doing this all month), Z and I getting over our colds, Scott in the middle of his cold,  Lil' C coming down with a cold and the Superbowl....this weekend was far from my original vision of family connection.

The little time we did have together was either spent coughing, arguing or rushing around trying to get chores done.   Among all the crazy of the weekend, we were able to sneak 45 minutes of family time outside.  This is when we did our nature scavenger hunt (a suggestion from the recharge), fed the birds and just played.  It was nice to have a moment to slow down, connect and be together. 
So what have I learned from these last few days?  I have learned that it truly is about quality and not quantity.  In this season of our life we do not have a lot of time together.  It is all about taking the time that we do have and living in the moment.  What I have to do is not put too much emphasis or expect too much from these moments....just appreciate where I am and who I am with.  As Elizabeth Mitchell beautifully sings, "I am so glad I'm Here...."


Annie said...

I agree, better quality than quantity time.

BJ_Mama said...

You know what? We are in some DEFINITE need of a re-charge ourselves! Thank you for sharing! I pray you and your family find the connections you are hoping for! :)

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