Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30 Day Yoga Challenge--Take 2

Back in January I started a 30 Day Yoga Challenge and made it to about day 15 when I pulled my back out.  This caused me to miss two days and then I was back in the game.  A few days later I got sick and then before I knew it...the challenge got lost in a sea of other things to do.  When I am good about doing my yoga and meditations, I am a different person.  I am calmer, happier and feel so much better about myself.  It is for these reasons that I am going to attempt the challenge again. 

I know, I know....why a challenge?  Why not focus on putting some yoga into my life a few days a week?  Well the truth of the matter is that I KNOW me and I do better when there is a challenge involved.  I am competitive by nature (thank my dad for that one) and so the idea of a challenge is always so appealing to me.  What I am really hoping is that by working toward completing this challenge, yoga will become habit and part of my weekly routine.  They say you have to do something over and over before it becomes habit and so that is why I am starting today!



Connie Weiss said...

Good Luck!!

Annie said...

Hang in there!! Good luck!!!

PS: I started exercises yesterday again and all my little body hurts, ha!!

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