Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mom of a Jedi

Over the last few months, I have been living in a galaxy far, far away and have been mom to a Jedi Knight.  My house is filled with books about Star Wars, Star Wars LEGO ships and the talk from Z is 90% Star Wars.  I have learned a great deal about what it takes to be the mom of a great Jedi and my son has even led me through classes so that I too can perfect my abilities using the force.  It is now my time to share with all of you the important things to remember when raising a young Jedi.
1.  Patience and Knowledge--When your young Jedi wants to talk nothing but Star Wars, it can be rather exhausting.  I am also being bombarded with questions and riddles so it is important to be up to speed on the different characters and what they are up to (and throw in some Yoda Meditation when you can).

2.  Great Engineering Skills--Lego Ships that have been in battle are often in need of repair.  It is important to be quick on your feet while fixing these ships because you will often have to distract the two year old at your feet (if you have one) and work in a productive manner that will allow you  to complete the rest of your Jedi Mom duties (aka housework).
3.  Creative Teaching--Because my young Jedi wants to talk nothing but Star Wars, I try to throw in creative learning experiences.  When he wanted to create a Lego Star Wars Store, I had him create a Store Sign, price tags and taught him how to add up totals on his cash register.  We have written two books about Star Wars, he created the cast out of paper, we have read many books about Star Wars from the library (and he can read quite a few words in them), we conducted a float or sink experiment using Star Wars LEGOs, he has learned about the instruments in the orchestra and who plays what during the Imperial March and he has written two pieces of Star Wars music for his glockenspiel.  Anytime I can throw in a teachable moment, I do.

4.  Balance--It is important to stress balance in a young Jedi's life.  Trips on the Magic Tree House with Jack and Annie, playing baseball, bird watching, building fairy houses, looking for planets and playing with cars and dinosaurs are important to helping a Jedi lead a balanced life.  We have stressed that you can't be thinking about the force all day, everyday and that it is important to lead a full life :)
May the Force Be With All of You!


Mom said...

I love talking Star Wars with him, but he is way ahead of me on some of the newer characters. I am all over the last three chapters (actually first three), but the before Darth Vader stuff throws me. Just couldn't get into it. So, he is teaching me about those characters.
Balance is good. Even Han, Leia, and Luke had their days off from fighting the Dark Side.

Lee-Ann said...

LOL So cute. My boy loves Star Wars as well, though truthfully I have really no idea about it!

Connie Weiss said...

That's great!

I love how excited they get about things!

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