Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Box Filled with Magic

The other day a box filled with wonder and magic arrived at our doorstep.  The children had been told that a box of cedarwood from their grandparent's farm might arrive for them to create more fairy houses.  The room was filled with anticipation as we opened the box and found much more than just cedar wood.  There were seed pods, evergreen boughs, pinecones and wonderful knarled wood.  If you heard the oohs and ahhs in the room, you would have thought that a new lego toy was in that box.

We quickly gathered the contents of the box, put on our winter gear and headed out in the beautiful sunshine.  We trudged through the snow to the back yard and Z picked the perfect spot for his next fairy house.  He wanted this one to be protected by the elements (his last fairy house is buried in snow) and so he picked a cozy spot under the slide.  "No snow can get here Mommy!".  He quickly went to work and built an interesting structure with a pine cone for a chimney.  Lil' C worked along side him building her own house and then Z built a path connecting the two.  He took many of the seed pods and filled them with snow to make bowls of water for the fairies.  Once the work was done, he stood back to admire his work and then ran off to get his sled. 
Making fairy houses is one of my favorite things to do.  The kids have Tracy's Kane' first book and will be receiving her next two in their Easter baskets.  I love that you can make fairy houses anywhere, in any season and out of anything natural.  It is fun to later check them and see if the fairies have arrived.  Here are some more pictures of our fairy houses, of laying in the snow watching the clouds roll by and of Z's sledding adventure.  I am so happy that Mother Nature blessed us with one last chance to enjoy this very strange (and snowless until now) winter. 
Lil'C's fairy house
The pathway connecting the two
Trying to get through that snow
Gorgeous Day to Cloud Watch
A determined young man



Anonymous said...

What a great backyard sledding hill you have!
Glad you got enough snow to have sledding fun...

Annie said...

Looks like they had lots of fun.

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