Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching the Leprechauns

On Friday Z drew up plans for his very first leprechaun trap!  This is an activity that I use to do to in my classroom to help my students work on cooperative learning, teamwork, planning and execution of a plan (this is what I told my principal but really it was to have FUN!).  Up until now the idea of a trap to catch little men scared the crap out of Z (I can understand this) and so I was a bit surprised and SUPER EXCITED when he told me he wanted to build a trap this year.
The trap started with a blank piece of paper.....Z had to draw up a plan.  His plan was simple but adorable.  He wanted a box ("those lines are bars like in prison mommy") with a sign on the top and a menu on the side.  When I asked him if he was ready to start building, he told me that he wanted to wait for Lil'C to wake up from her nap so that she could help him (melt my heart!).
Lil'C's Artwork
Z found the perfect box in the basement, set Lil'C up with paper and markers and directed me as to where to cut.  While I cut the right spots, he began working on the menu and welcome sign.  This is what the menu says:
1.  Get Key
2.  Open Door
3.  Go Inside
4.  Close Door
5.  Lock Door
6.  Thank You

This is what the sign says (I helped with the spelling here):
"Happy St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns!"

Z decided to set the trap in the hallway downstairs because there was plenty of light there.  He carefully lay the key next to the door and skipped away with excitement.  In the morning he ran downstairs to check his trap and......
 Seamus the Leprechaun left a teeny tiny note saying, "Nice Try" and two pots for planting seeds...not gold :)  Oh well, we will try again next year!!!


Annie said...

He designed an amazing plan. Definitely, lots of fun for all of you.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Great project!
I saw it first hand and was wondering how the leprechauns would find it but now I know.
Oh those crafty leprechauns.
GpJ & Mimi

Connie Weiss said...

What a great plan!!

next year you should leave him a snack.

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