Monday, March 5, 2012

My Blind Date

Back in January I had my first "blind date" in 15 years and I was so nervous about it.  It was not your typical blind date (my husband would not approve) but a blind date with a potential Mommy Friend.  Z has this friend at school that he had been begging to have over and despite my nerves and having never met her, I invited them.  Scott had met them at a birthday party and really hit it off.  He thought they would make really good friends for us and so what did I have to lose???

At the time I was reading this book called MWF seeks BFF in my online book club and it had me questioning my own friendships and the quality of some of my relationships.  I have my two best friends who I don't get to see nearly enough, my two sisters and sister in-law who I also don't get to see much of and I have a few close friends in town and from previous times of my life.  Besides that, there are the people I see for conveninece sake but I wonder if we would really be friends if it weren't so convenient.  I often feel like the close friends I have found are great for me but we have yet to find a family where we all click (best friends not included here).  The book was a fun read and full of research and though it didn't inspire me to go off and "date" 52 women this year, it did inspire me to treasure the great relationships I have.

Anyway...back to the playdate.  I was more nervous than I thought I would be, I mean I don't think I have ever set eyes on this woman.  She was super friendly in email and I kept telling myself that Scott said I would like her.  Well it turns out that I did!  We had a lot in common, laughed a lot and she told me how her husband had really liked Scott (I guess he is a bit quiet and reserved and she was impressed with how well they hit it off).  She even suggested that we all go and get breakfast together sometime.
The evening after the playdate, she emailed me and thanked me.  She said she had had a great time, that I was so easy to talk to and that we should get together on a weekend when both husbands were free.  I was so excited and emailed her back, telling her that this was a great idea.  And NEVER heard from her again!  Since then I have seen her in the school pick up line and we have waved and smiled but that is it!  It seems so strange to me and when I ask others what I should do, many say I should just let it go.  It wasn't meant to be.  What do you think???


Annie said...

Is a difficult situation because maybe she is having a problem right now and want to deal with it first.

Or maybe, she is shy.

Try to be in touch with her, don't know, email her and tell if she want to drink coffee with you when the kids are at school. That could be a great opportunity to talk.

If I was her, would love to have a friend like you. Why we live so far away?

Anonymous said...

There are FRIENDS and then there are acquaintances. If you only have one true friend in your life, you have achieved one of life's milestones. If you have more than one, then you are greatly blessed. This person you reached out to is, for now, an acquaintance. I would stay in touch intermittently with her and maybe down the road offer to meet up again, perhaps with the families for playground time, a picnic, or breakfast or just the two of you, as Annie suggested, for coffee. As the song goes... "You can't hurry love"... you can't hurry friendships either. You planted a seed of friendship for Z's sake. Might just take a bit more time to germinate & bloom. Here's hoping!:) Mimi

MamaB said...

Hmmm...maybe since a little time has passed by she is feeling the same way as you, a little awkward and not sure how to proceed. I would send her an email saying it has been awhile since the last playdate and would she and family like to get together this weekend for breakfast and the children's museum? (doesn't have to be this weekend particular weekend just when you know you have the time) be specific, invite and then let her decide. If she is anything like me she she doesn't want to push or seem intrusive. If she is still smiling and waving
At you during school pick-up she probably wants to chat but scared to make the second move. I say go for it!

Connie Weiss said...

In my takes a few times of getting together to click. Ask them over for a playmate again. See how it goes.

Maybe she's waiting for you to make the next move.

Mom said...

Email her and invite them over for another play date. What do you have to lose? Maybe she is shy or whatever. Go for it.

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