Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer Fun during our Last Weekend of Winter?!?!?!

The weather in New England (and I guess the whole country) is so unusual at the moment.  Most folks are loving the early summer weather and are smiling from ear to ear (Scott says the atmosphere is also super charged because of the recent solar flare which is also making people perky).  As for me, it is freaking me out!  I am enjoying the sunshine, playing with my kids and getting much needed yardwork done but as my friend Sey says, the rhythm of the year feels off.  Three weeks ago we were playing in snow and now my kids are playing with the water table??  I miss the four seasons, I worry about what we are doing to our planet and I wonder what our summer will be like if it is already 80 degrees in March.

Anyway, here are some photos from our very summer like weekend, which was technically our last weekend of Winter!

playing on the beach in Maine


Lunch at the Park

Super C

Z had the best time playing TAG

Birthday Girl with Momma

Celebrating Winter Birthdays!  Scott's Grandma is 91 :)

Scott and Grandma

Playing with the Water Table....Until now, earliest it has ever been out is April

A visit from Chi Chi
Grandpa Jeff playing baseball with Z

Daddy working outside

Daddy taking a much needed BREAK :)

Z and I had virgin Madras' in honor of Noni's Birthday


Connie Weiss said...

I bought new wedge sandals last week. It was too warm outside for REAL shoes!

Annie said...

Wow, you had an amazing weekend full of fun.

Hey, I think is the first time I saw a picture of your husband. Do you have a picture of your family? (I mean the 4 members of your family)

The weather here is around 72 or 83 degrees and lots of rain.

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