Friday, March 16, 2012

Project Simplify Week TWO-Kitchen

This week's project for Project Simplify from Tsh over at Simple Mom was the Kitchen.  She suggested the fridge or pantry and since we just bought a new fridge (did you hear mine "exploded" when I changed the bulb??) it didn't need much organization.  I decided to focus on my pantry and baking cabinet. 
our new fridge :)

They weren't too bad (still looking good from last year) but I did toss some stuff out, move some stuff around and labeled some things. 

The Pantry

                                                Before                                         After

                                                Before                                        After

The Baking Shelf


And I did the junk drawer for fun :) But I only have an after photo.


Lee-Ann said...

Good work. I cleaned out the recipe cupboard at 11:30 pm the other night. LOL That is about as much as I've done lately. LOL

Annie said...

Another great job for you.

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