Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The Iditarod is starting this Saturday and this family is super excited.  We have gotten the extended family together to each pick Mushers (racers) to cheer on throughout the race and bought the GPS feature on the Iditarod website so we can follow their progress.  Z and I also had a great time creating an interactive display board in our Dining Room this past weekend.
Our display has a map of the checkpoints with a little husky that we can move from checkpoint to checkpoint as the leaders move.
We also made an interactive leader board so we can follow along with the family picks.  Each family member has a dog with their name on it, their photo (for Lil'C) and their Musher's Name and bib number.  These dogs will move up and down depending on where the Musher is in the race (1st place, 2nd place etc.)
I plan to send out daily emails with the standings to keep the family in the loop.  The top 3 finishers will get small prizes.  We are so excited to watch this amazing and challenging race.  It starts on Saturday so mark your calendars and follow in on the fun!


Mommy Lisa said...

That is totally fun! What a way to spark interest in this sport.

Connie said...

That is so cool!

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