Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013

I am sorry but I refuse to call this storm Nemo.  Tropical Storms and Hurricanes have names, not Blizzards.  And Nemo??  Really??

This storm was the BEST storm we have had in the 7 years of living here!!!!  We did not lose our power....not even a flicker.  We spent two days indoors and got over 2 feet of snow (we had practically nothing when the storm began).  Unfortunately the kids weren't really able to enjoy the snow until Saturday afternoon.  Even then the winds were whipping, the temperatures were cool and they were sinking into the deep "Snow Globe Snow" (it was light and fluffy).
We were super prepared for this storm.  I spent all day Thursday and Friday morning filling buckets, doing laundry, making food, cleaning and Scott got gas for the generator.  He even hauled it out to the backyard, all was ready.  Because we had gotten all that work done and didn't lose power, we were able to devote the indoor weekend time to relaxing and house projects.  It was GREAT!
Sunday we headed to my mom's house (Dad was in Honduras) for Winterfest.  This is a highlight of the year for Z and he enjoyed sledding with me, a life size Angry Bird competition (came in 3rd place) and a hockey shoot out (tied for 1st!).  It was a great weekend and we were so blessed to have electricity throughout it!


Connie said...

I couldn't figure out why they named this blizzard. SO glad that you guys didn't lose power!!

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