Monday, February 18, 2013

Potty Palooza

Doesn't Potty Palooza sound like fun!?!?!  Five days at home filled with Potty Movies, Potty Books, Salty Snacks, Yummy Beverages, Sticker Charts, new Underwear and Prizes.....Oh the Fun!!

I had such great visions for this post...a day to day account of the amazing success we had potty training Lil'C during our Potty Palooza (this is what Scott and I called it, Lil'C had no idea we named this event).  But Lil'C had other ideas.

The week leading up to Potty Palooza we were all Potty Talk around here.  We watched Potty DVD's, read Potty Books, took a bunch of visits to the Potty with great success, discussed who uses the Potty and picked out new underwear.  The first morning of Potty Palooza was great.  Every 20 minutes the timer would go off and we'd head to the potty.  We read books, sang songs and Lil'C got a sticker for each attempt but no success.  By noon time she QUIT!

"I hate the Potty!!!  No more is hard!!!"
We LOVE this book!!!
The entire morning I noticed she was withholding her pee.....she would go as soon as she was back in her diaper.  Lil'C refuses to wear pull-ups or underwear and she is a child who is very resistant to change.  If we push too hard I know she will be the child who ends up withholding all bodily functions until we are in the ER with stomach pain. This process has to be relaxing and allow her to feel in control.  I thought I would give her more control in other areas of life, but that did not work either.  She is afraid, afraid of change and likes the comfort of her diapers.

So we took a few days off where I never asked her to go but continued to read the potty books, watch the DVDs and talk about all those folks who use the potty.  After a few days off, I started our trips again and was met with tears and screaming.  Now we are at a loss as to what to do?!?!?  Any suggestions for us?  I know she won't go to college in diapers but I'd like her to be diaper free for preschool in the fall.


Connie said...

We struggled with potty training and ended up just giving up until they were ready. They just decide to do it one day.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pooped-out Parent Units,
I know of a young boy who was in diapers until at least 4. There were no creative potty seats back then, just the adult size. Scary!
The Mom unit, who was also consumed with new baby units #4&5, one day just gave up trying to convert unit #3 and he would poop until it was unbearable (odor and all).
Soon thereafter miraclulously, he decided that he wanted to be grown-up and went cold turkey.
Hopefully this now adult Unit will not need diapers anytime soon but that's why they make "depends".
Perhaps you should consult the wisdom of the super senior unit on this topic when you get chance?

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