Monday, February 4, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog...

This has been the question for me for the last few months.  I so miss this space, this outlet, connecting with people.....I haven't even read a blog post in a very long time.   I am constantly writing blogposts in my head, doesn't every blogger?  My 5 year blogging anniversary just was in January, I have been at this a long time and wonder if I am burnt out or if after this break I am ready to come back to this space, or the other blog space I created last year (I have been on break from that site since last spring).

So I asked myself, am I using this new "free time" on the computer wisely?  I am not sure if it has been used wisely but it has been busy.  The bulk of my time has been spent on two AMAZING online classes.  The first was Whole Food Kitchen, which I was not able to participate in the moment and had to do a lot of catch up after the course was over and the second is called Inside Out, which is going on right now.   Like many of us, I do waste time on facebook, as well as time listening to podcasts, researching many topics that have come up in our lives and watching the Bachelor (no cable here) and Season One of Beverly Hills 90210 ;)
I am loving my online classes and will not be giving those up, the research has also been very important and I am sorry but I can't stop watching the train wreck that is the Bachelor (and this week they are torturing me with two nights instead of one).  So I have decided to cut back on facebook and podcasts and spend the time I would be over there, blogging instead.  I think the break has been long enough and I will no longer put pressure on myself to post a few times a week.

I miss this space and so I am moving back in, at least for now.  It might be that in a few more months or maybe even next year, I decide to move over to the other blog more permanently.  Raising Z was created as a space for sharing thoughts and stories about raising my little ones and they are growing up, too fast I might add.  The other blog might be more appropriate as we venture into the school years.
So if anyone is out there, thanks for reading.  I have missed you and it is nice to be back :)


Mommy Lisa said...

I have been so sporadic myself. I feel the need to recharge.

Connie said...

I've missed you so much!!!

And you need to come over and comment on The Bachelor each week. I want to know what you think.

Mom said...

Welcome back! I think focusing on this for a little while will be good for you.
I do miss reading about two of my little angels. Even if I do know everything that is going on.
Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jessika! Glad you are back to writing, I love reading about what you are guys are up to every week :)


Anonymous said...

Hi ...
We do love your posts... makes us feel that we "live next door"... even though we are two states away:)

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

Missed you! Glad you're enjoying your classes!

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