Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools

April Fools Day is one of Z's favorite holidays and because of this yesterday was filled with small pranks.  I started off the day telling Z that the doctor had emailed and told of a horrible flu that was going around and that we all had to go in for a flu shot.  He was very serious and a bit sad when I called out, "April Fools!"  He then laughed and jumped up and down...he LOVED the joke.  

Scott called later to tell him we were being relocated to Madagascar.  Again he was serious and a bit sad but took the news well and then Scott called out April Fools and he was all smiles again!  He LOVES this day.  

He had MANY jokes for me, I so love the silliness and innocence of them.  Many of his jokes were obvious but he really did get me when he told me that he had spilled the beans about the prank that we had been planning for Scott.  I totally believed him and was so bummed out and then he yelled, "April Fools Mommy!"  He really got me that time.  

So what was this prank??  Well we drove to the bus station where Scott parks his car and in the driver seat put Z's big monkey with a hat on.  The plan was that when Scott approached his car in the dark, it would look like someone was in the car.  Apparently it worked!  He was a bit nervous approaching the car, thinking that someone was in there but as he got closer he realized it was Z's big monkey (and Lil'C's princess) with a sign.
Oh this day is so much fun and as the years go by, I know I am going to get my share of REAL jokes played on me.  It will be sweet, sweet payback for Z and Scott.  I am nervous already!


Anonymous said...

SO Fun.... Well G-ma went to the center yesterday and actually drove herself there so I could go to CT with GPJeff! NOT! April Fools!

Connie said...

You guys are THE BEST! What a funny prank with the car. I love it!

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