Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Date Night--No Food or Drink Allowed

Scott's Grandparents Dancing the Night Away
Scott and I have a date night coming up and our usual date "go out for dinner and drinks" is out of the question this time around.  My GAPS Intro diet does not allow for eating out and so we have been forced to think up dates that do not require food.  This has been a lot harder than we thought it would be because most date nights involve food and drink in some way.  We have lots of ideas for Day Dates but the Night Dates are a bit tougher (hard to sight see in the dark).

Before we go any further, we don't dance and the movies or sporting events are off the table.  I think the smell of popcorn and other foods would throw me over the edge (still having cravings).  Here are some Non-Food Options that we have come up with.  We are still searching for more ideas, so feel free to chime in with ideas in the comments :)

1.  A Paint and Wine Bar--There is a Paint in Wine Bar near us.  Here an artist teaches you how to paint a specific painting while you sip wine and paint.  Unfortunately they are sold out but we are hoping to find a night soon to try this out.  Scott is the artist in the family, so his painting will most likely be hangable while mine will probably look nice in our garage ;)

2.  A Trip to the Planetarium--What would be more romantic than a night under the stars?  Our kids are too afraid to sit in the dark for a show (we keep trying) and we have free passes to the planetarium.  This might be a fun chance to learn something and do something different.

3.  Indoor Skydiving--This is what Scott wants to do, I am not so sure.  I watched friends do it a few years ago and I am not sure I would like it.  Not to mention it is very pricey.

4.  Paint your own Pottery--We did this years ago, just not sure I want some crappy pottery collecting dust in our house.

5.  Bowling--This is our kids favorite activity, so I might feel guilty doing it without them.  However there are some fun bowling alleys out there we could try.

6.  Music Night--We both love music so we thought that maybe catching a live band or going to a piano bar might be fun.

7.  Comedy Show--We LOVE comedy shows, although they are usually a bit pricey.  Thinking that a night of improv might be fun.

8.  Game Night with Friends--I love a good night of laughs and board games and if it was with friends I could nibble on hard boiled eggs and sip ginger tea and not feel weird about it ;)

What do you Think???  Which should we pick?  Have a better idea for us??  We need your help.


Anonymous said...

For a cheap date the planetarium may be your best choice and for fun and stress relif 6 or 7 may be my first choice.
It may be just what the Dr. ordered.
Have fun and LOL,

MamaB said...

All of those options would be a blast! Also if your not eating or drinking those comedy tickets might be about the same as if you were so it could be a more even exchange.

Also, around here the Dept. Of Conservation is doing a lot of night programs as the frogs, toads and salamander are chirping with mating calls as well as the spring nocturnal creatures are more active. See if you have something similar with a night hike!

Connie said...

I think you should go to a mall and pick out outfits for each other to try on that are out of your comfort zone! And take pictures!

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