Friday, April 19, 2013

Project Simplify/Project Complicate Weeks 1 and 2

I did not get as much accomplished this week as I would have liked to but between a sick child and spending most of my waking hours in the kitchen cooking for myself....I am surprised I got this much done!!

So let's go back to Week 1--Shelves and Drawers. I decided to tackle my night stand (in and out).  Here is what it looked like before, a big pile of books and such with no organization.

And After: much more relaxing to sleep next to this rather than the other one :)

Ok, onto this week, "The Pesky Closet".  I so wanted to do Lil'C's closet and I will get to it soon but instead I worked in the room I have been spending the most time...the Kitchen.  
Spices and Baking supplies were constantly falling on my head and my essential oils were a mess.  I also had no idea what was in there and think there were some spices and flour that was way past due.  I know I just did this cabinet last year but I think it is important to revisit it at least once a year.  So I took everything out and Voila....
It is now so much easier to find things and I even have room for more ;)

Yes two simple projects but much needed to make things a little smoother around here.  Next week I focus on Piles....Oh the Piles!

Scott decided to do his own version of Project Simplify, but I like to call it Project Complicate.  Check out our downstairs bathroom :)
He took down one wall of the yuck wallpaper (we have been wanting this down for 7 years!!!), the ugly light fixture, mirror and everything else on that wall.  Someday it will be a beautiful bathroom but for now Lil'C just opens the door and yells, "Daddy fix this?!?!"

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ah, welcome to the world of home inprovement.
Try not to make it another 7 to complete the project. Have daddy stay home and help you finish it today.
GpJ & Mimi

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