Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two Weeks Down!!!

Well my first two weeks on the GAPS Intro diet are OVER!!!  It was not pretty at times, in fact at points it was down right ugly.  I am proud to say that I am still standing, 10 pounds lighter and still going strong.  Yipee.

I would not have gotten through the first few days if it was not for Scott.  He was an absolute ROCK STAR.  I had told him that he had to be my Harry Potter (from book 6) and that no matter what I (Dumbledore) said, he had to make sure I kept going until at least the two week mark.  He did just that and every time I questioned what I was doing, he was right there telling me to stay the course.  He is the BEST and I am so lucky to have such a supportive spouse who does not think I am totally NUTS for doing this.

Where am I at??  I am now in Stage 3 (of 6 stages) and have lost 10 pounds.  I am no longer craving sugar (thankfully) and my stomach trouble seems to be settling down.  I thought I would breeze through this Intro diet in a month and now I am not so sure, taking it day by day.  The "Die Off" of toxins in my body has been much stronger than I thought it would be.  This has resulted in flu like symptoms, major digestive issues, lethargy, foggy brain, anger (oh the anger), insomnia...just to name a few.  I am now starting to feel normal after two weeks and the addition of each additional food is so exciting!

What am I eating??  I am enjoying carrot juice from my juicer, bone broth, soups, boiled meats, ghee (clarified butter), sauerkraut, boiled veggies, eggs, avocado, fresh herbs and olive oil.  This week I hope to introduce tomatoes, coconut flour and maybe some baked apples.

What do I most like??  I like that my stomach is starting to feel better.  The weight loss has been an added bonus too.  My back is also feeling much better.  Not sure if that is due to the chiropractor or this diet...time will tell.

What do I least like??  I have to make everything from scratch which means I spend most of my waking hours in the kitchen.  It is also difficult to travel and be social.  I can't go out to eat at this point or drink and had to give up dinner with my family last week.  If I am out, I have to either be back way in advance to prep my meal (or at least heat it) or take it with me.  So far I have been making it work but it takes a lot of planning and prep time.  The cost of this diet is also high.  Before this diet I only ate meat once or twice a week.  Now I am eating it twice a day and the grass fed, pasture raised foods that are recommended cost more money.

Moving Forward......I plan to keep moving day by day and appreciate this chance to heal.  I hope to introduce tomatoes, coconut flour and maybe some baked apples.  Yum!!!


Anonymous said...

Keep going Jessika--as you said--day by day! You can do it!


Anonymous said...

U go Girl!

Anonymous said...

10 lbs in two weeks!
Send me the 2 week food list. STAT!
... and congrats to you:)Glad you
are feeling a bit better.

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