Thursday, April 18, 2013

Help Wanted: Competent Tooth Fairy

Seeking competent Tooth Fairy with at least 300 years experience.

  Fairy must be quiet, stealth and able to move a heavy sleeping head in order to get to the small tooth pillow. 

 Fairy must be reliable and not forget to come get stuck in snowstorms.  

Fairy must be responsible, thorough and possess a good memory.  
Leaving child's tooth behind with the dollar bill will be grounds for dismissal 
(one of the many reasons we are looking for a new fairy).  

This job will be on an on call basis and Fairy must be available with little to no warning.  

We are equal opportunity employers and all may apply 
as long as you meet the requirements listed above.

Wage: Dozens of Children's Teeth
collected over the next 3-5 years

All applicants should send resumes and at least 3 references ASAP.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

Funny image...
But not a Disney finalist.
We'd take on the job but I think we're maxed out for the time being. LOL
GpJ & Mimi

Connie said...


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