Friday, April 12, 2013

Project Simplify 2013

Project Simplify on Simple Mom

One of my favorite things over at Simple Mom is the Project Simplify Series Tsh does each year.  Spring Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do but there is something about a challenge that I love.  This year the four hotspots are Drawers and Shelves, the Pesky Closet, the Piles and The Put-Off Project.

I spent Monday morning taking the before pictures of the places I will tackle during the month but unfortunately that is as far as I got this week.  Between pulling my back out on Monday, starting the GAPS intro diet on Wednesday (yes earlier than planned) and not being here last weekend.....I am really behind.  My back pain is bad and I have been spending a lot of time preparing food for the GAPS diet so the little time I have left I have been resting.  The GAPS Intro has left me feeling so lethargic and BLAH.  I am hoping this will pass in the next couple of days.

Hopefully next week I will have after pictures of my shelves and a finished picture of Lil'C's closet (it scares me a bit).  Today is about going easy, being gentle with myself and taking care of my sick little boy.  The perfect rainy day to stay home and have a Sick and Tired Day.  Have a great weekend!


Mom said...

When doing your organization, be sure to make a spot for the teaching materials I will be bringing home, or have already brought home, for your upcoming adventure. I will have lots of cool stuff for you and Z!

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