Monday, November 9, 2009

All About MEme Monday

It's time to dump your dull duds
and sassafras your wardrobe!

Supah and Mommy Brain just handed you a big, phat (and very phake)
VISA gift card* with your name all over it. 

Now, go spend it ... in the first evah,
All About MEme Shopping Spree-Spree!

Head on over to Supah Mommy and Mommy Brain to learn more! 

Here is how I would spend my dough :)

A Cozy Cashmere Sweater
(I don't buy cashmere because of my messy little man.
Not to mention the fact that I can't afford it...I figure now I can splurge!)

Some new jeans (not on sale at the GAP)

A new Winter Running Outfit
so when I am cleared to run in 4 weeks I am ready to go!

A new little black dress so that the hubs and I can go out for a much needed 
night in the big city!

And to make all of these purchases wearable on this postpartum body.......



Staci said...

love it all! The black dress is too cute and I picked a cash sweater too!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Go on, spoil yourself! Enjoy your spending spree!

SupahMommy said...

spanx you very much!

i rocked the spanx this weekend.

seriously.. im pushing the limit on " post partum" here at 6 months.

love the " not on sale part"

doesn 'that suck... to buy stuff on sale.. i hate having to do that ALL the time... I'D LOVE to splurge.. grab and buy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list!

Evonne said...

I love the dress! You can never go wrong with a simple black dress.

Peterson Family said...

Every woman should have a cute little black dress!

Tami G said...

Love your list! It's FAB!
I need some winter running attire also - I have NADA!!!

Tami G

kys said...

I love the dress! Nothing goes with the little black dress like Spanx!

Annie said...

Great list and my favorite is the black dress.

Have a nice week.

Mommy Lisa said...

I love all your stuff - that running outfit is awesome and then, then, then, you said SPANX.


MommyBrain said...

Oh that sweater - the color, the shape, the texture (I can only imagine) ... let's buy matching "new mama" splurge sweaters!

Hugs to you and Z and C :)

BJ_Mama said...

SPANX!!! I LOVE THEM! (2 years post bebe) What? That's not wrong, is it?

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