Thursday, November 5, 2009

Funny Z

Z has been very intrigued by breast feeding over the last few days and I have some cute stories to share with you :)

Story 1

I was pumping some milk and Z walked in and looked at me and said, "What you doing Mommy?"  I told him I was pumping milk for the baby to drink.  "Milk comes from your boobs?" he asked.  I told him it did and that it was special "Mommy Milk" for Lil' C.  I then told him that he use to drink "Mommy Milk" when he was a baby.  "And that all comes from your boobs?" he asked again looking awestruck.  He then said with such feeling, "Mommy, I LIKE boobs!" and skipped off to play in his room. 

Story 2

S and Z were off to Target for 4 much needed items.  I made them a list and it was Z's job to hold onto the list and make sure they got everything they needed.  Before they left he asked me to read him the list.  I told him that they needed a new Halloween Costume for him (after months of wanting to be Rich from Imagination Movers, he changed his mind days before Trick or Treat), laundry detergent, bottled water and special ice packs.  "Ice packs?" Z asked.  I told him that mommy needed them for her boobs because they really hurt. 

While in Target, S was in the breast feeding aisle searching for the ice packs.  Z looked down at his list and shouted for all to hear, "Daddy, we still need to get boobs!  Daddy where are the boobs?  Mommy said we needed boobs!"  S was a bit embarrassed...he quickly found the "boobs" and moved to a different part of the store :)

Story 3

Z was upstairs cleaning his room with my mom when he found his baby doll.  My mom asked him if he wanted to feed his baby and she handed him the little bottle.  Z said he wanted to feed the baby with his "pretend boobs".  He lifted up his shirt and fed the baby. 

Story 4

Z found the massage tool that I had taken to the hospital.  He ran over, started rubbing my back and said, "Mommy I make your back feel better."  I thanked him and told him that it felt much better now.  He then came around and started to massage my chest and said...."Now I make your boobs feel better!"


MamaB said...

Hilarious! That made me giggle here at work! Amelia has tried to nurse her babies too! So it's the age of 3 when boys learn that they love boobs that explains so much! Have a great day!

CGBG said...

So funny! I love story 4 and 5 HILARIOUS!

kys said...

Little boys and boobs! LOL

Nicolasa said...

These are hilarious! I love them! Amazing how the fascination with boobs starts so young!

Gretchen said...

Those are hilarious stories! Classic!

Anonymous said...

Noah made a pump out of tinkertoys at daycare and used it correctly. ;) He also figured out I don't pump my belly button like he was doing and wanted to put it on his little ones. I figure they're scarred for life!

Annie said...

I laugh with the stories you share. Be sure to keep them on your records.

I am Lee-Ann... said...

My kids were fascinated by their breastfeeding siblings too. I actually have a picture of my oldest trying to use a pretend breast pump on Daddy, lol.

Babe in Babeland said...

OH MY GOODNESS. That is TOO FUNNY!! Hilarious.

I also just want to say that I was finally able to read about your birth and everything. What an incredible story! WOW. Seriously, you were so brave, and your birth story is incredible. I am so impressed. And your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

Beth P. said...

Oh my goodness how funny! These are great stories and wonderful bits of blackmail for the future ;-)

I think it is great he is appreciating your ta-ta's though, and is interested in how they are helping his little sister.

Beth Dunn said...

Cute stories! He's already a boob man. Love it. xoxo


Beth Dunn said...

I don't know if my last comment wet through. Great post! xoxo


AJ said...

ah yes... my little boy (now 6yo!) is a "boob man" too. My 4yo daughter is also fascinated with my breasts. She can't wait to have her own some day! LOL! I love those stories!

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